Now for something completely different.. a review of the STOKKE PramPack!


STOKKE® PramPack™ Transport Bag Review

by Nicola Bishop @bishop_nic, photos and demonstration/modeling by Corin Bishop!

Ok, first things first. What on earth is a review doing on this blog? Well it’s a long story.. actually it’s not that long really. My wife Nicola was chatting with another mum about pram bags (like you do) on twitter. Stokke were listening in and offered one for a review!

So rather than write a little tweet review I offered the studio (and my services as a model and demonstrator) to do something a little more ‘comprehensive’.

The Review

words by Nicola @bishop_nic

STOKKE® PramPack® Transport Bag

On a trip to Amsterdam, our Bugaboo got damaged – we brought it right to the gate and somehow the whole frame was busted when we landed, I was devastated. We didn’t have a pram bag and the airline said it was put through at our own risk. This was an expensive lesson to learn. We had a week-long holiday in Amsterdam with a 16 month old baby and a busted buggy.

We got the Bugaboo fixed but from there on I wouldn’t bring it on holidays with us. We traveled quite a bit because my husbands family live in England,so we bought a cheaper buggy, a McClaren for travelling. It too got damaged in transit. Now on our 3rd buggy, a Quinny Zapp Xtra, I needed a bag to protect it while in transit. I was asking fellow Mums on twitter what they use for pram bags, but nothing seemed to fit the Zapp Xtra as it comes in two pieces. Stokke kindly stepped in with their bag as a solution…the Stokke Prampack.

What is it? The Stokke Prampack is a cleverly designed travel bag to protect your buggy or stroller. When not in use, it is small and compact but folds out to encase your buggy and protect it while travelling. If you have invested in a good buggy you really don’t want it arriving at your holiday destination filthy and broken! The Stokke Pramback really is a good investment & essential for those travelling abroad.

Anyway, I tried it. Its BRILLIANT! Its PERFECT! The bag folds up really neatly to the size of a sleeping bag and quickly unfolds to hold a buggy. It’s an ingenious design from the clever people at Stokke (have you seen their products?? – wow they are fantastic!)  and I think will fit ANY buggy. Once assembled it’s easy to carry with its built in wheels. Only needs a couple of goes to get the hang of it and it’s really quick to assemble/pack up. Not sure how fast we will be at packing it all up under pressure at the steps of the airplane/gate but we will be testing this feature next week when we go on holidays!  I’m not sure the airline will let us carry this bag through with us to the gate – they may want to charge extra for extra carry on luggage, I’m not sure. I want to bring the buggy right to the gate because I’ll be bringing my 7 month old baby and a 3.5 year old so it will be a juggling act. Also what should the airline tag at check-in? The buggy or the prampack? Or Both? I’ll report back after the holiday and let you know how we get on!

STOKKE® PramPack® Transport Bag

We decided to do the demo in the photography studio – you honestly don’t want to see the clutter in my house. We also decided to used the Bugaboo for the demo as it’s the bigger buggy and you can see clearly how easily it fits inside the bag.

My Hubby (and model that I roped in to do the demo for the photos) was delighted with the bright orange bag, as its our company colours! He thought it would be useful for lugging his studio gear around so decided to see what else would fit in the bag.


Stokke Prambag used to lug photo gear - Corin Bishop Photography

Stokke Prambag used to lug photo gear

Downsides to the Stokke Prampack? Hmmm, not sure there is one, maybe it’s not suitable for strollers like the McClaren as that folds up so long & thin it would just be lost in the Stokke prampack. However, due to the way the Stokke bag is cleverly designed, it would hold the stroller in place with the straps.

A massive plus point for the Stokke Prampack is that it can be used to transport anything, I know that once our boys have grown up, we will still use the bag for other awkward stuff. So it really is an investment. It’s not just from prams and buggies.

The company website is

I have not been paid by Stokke for this review, this is solely my own opinion about their product.

The Demo

Packing Up



  1. Comment by Laura Leonard

    Laura Leonard 10/10/2011 at 08:06

    These bags are great! I haven’t used this particular one but I used to own a Phil & Teds Bag. It definitely protected the buggy in transit but the trouble with the one I had was you had to remove the wheels for the buggy to fit inside the bag. Not good when you are travelling alone with a baby in one hand, buggy in the other and a toddler running around the departure lounge! We are talking about 6 years ago and a lot of products have come on the market since. The Stokke Prambag is certainly fit for the purpose. I like the idea of using it to carry your photographic equipment too!

  2. Comment by Gabi Hofer

    Gabi Hofer 10/10/2011 at 20:54

    We have a PramPack which we have used on two long haul journeys. The first was to South Africa when our little one was 6 weeks old. We have a Stokke Xplory pram and at the time were only using the Maxi Cosi Pebble car seat with the pram. We packed the PramPack at home because we wanted to put loads of other things in the bag, like nappies and the steriliser, bottles, etc. etc. We flew to SA with Virgin and when we checked in we told them that the bag contained the pram. They didn’t weigh it (thankfully because it was over 29kg). It worked brilliantly for this trip.

    Our most recent trip was last month to New Zealand to watch some rugby. This time we took the Stokke Xplory pram, it’s seat and the Maxi Cosi car seat. We had two very long flight to NZ with a 4 hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur so really wanted to have the pram with us in KL airport. We took the rolled up PramPack, explaining that it was not a piece if hand luggage but a pram protector and the check in staff were fine with this. It was a bit of a thing to pack up the pram at the gate. Make sure you are there extra early!! We had loads of comments from other passengers who watched us pack it all up – positive comments.

    We did find though, that when we got to KL the pram had been mistaken for luggage and sent to the carousel and we had to wait while they brought it back for us.

    The bag has now got a fair bit if damage so we are very thankful that we bought it and used it, even if we packed and unpacked 4 times just getting to NZ.

  3. Comment by Gabi Hofer

    Gabi Hofer 11/10/2011 at 13:02

    P.S. Nicola we were given luggage tags for the Pram Pack at the boarding gate. Have a great trip!!

  4. Comment by Anna

    Anna 12/10/2011 at 14:23

    Brilliant review, I use the Stokke PramPack for my Stokke pram and it’s absolutely fantastic. I was even able to use it on Ryanair who are notorious for charging for everything and it went through fine.

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