Wedding of Ciara & Brian McManus


Ciara and Brian McManus get married at Boher Church and Middleton Park House

It’s been ages since I put up a wedding blog post. I’ve been so busy with lots of different things that the blog has been neglected. So here is one to keep you happy…

I always like doing weddings at Boher Church. I get on really well with the priest, Fr James. He is a good laugh, always obliging and an all round nice guy. He even did us a big favour and did the christening of our ‘first born’! It’s a great church to take photographs in too.

Brian Middletown Park Hotel Wedding

This was also the first time photographing a wedding at the Middleton Park House (link). I had heard of it but I had never been. I was really surprised by the venue. Firstly, it’s HUGE! Has to have one of the biggest stairs I’ve seen. Fantastic rooms, gardens (although we did’t get to use them due to rain) and lovely artwork on the walls. I loved the architecture too. My fav shot of the day was a picture of them kissing on the top balcony overlooking the main stairs. You get a sense of scale as they look TINY! I also like the house owner in the bottom left looking up from the bottom left.

Brian Middletown Park Hotel Wedding

My second fave photograph was taken using one of the massive paintings on the wall as a background, combined with a bit of ‘antique-ish’ toning in the print made for an interesting shot.

Brian Middletown Park Hotel Wedding

Anyway, enough chit chat… here are the pics. Enjoy.

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