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The Shannon Princess passing St. Peters Athlone

Shannon Princess Luxury Boutique Hotel Barge Ireland

The Shannon Princess has just launched their new website At the very end of the last season I was asked to shoot some updated photography of the Shannon Princess, a luxury floating boutique hotel. We were very lucky with the weather as the next day was really bad and hasn’t improved since! The Shannon Princess […]

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Now for something completely different.. a review of the STOKKE PramPack!

STOKKE® PramPack™ Transport Bag Review by Nicola Bishop @bishop_nic, photos and demonstration/modeling by Corin Bishop! Ok, first things first. What on earth is a review doing on this blog? Well it’s a long story.. actually it’s not that long really. My wife Nicola was chatting with another mum about pram bags (like you do) on […]

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The National Nail Competition – Photographing Nails

Olivia from Olivia’s Nails in Tullamore wins the 2010 The National Nail Competition. Corin Bishop Photography work with Olivia to produce the winning image. – UPDATE 2 Nov 2010 The latests round of IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association) image judging was done last night and this image received a Gold Award! “The National Nail Competition […]

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