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Brothers Dylan and Alex. Child Portrait in Winter Style

My Boys

I’m always blogging about Weddings. So here’s a Portrait to break up the posts a bit! Models supplied by My Wife and Me. Please get in touch for Portrait Information!

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Teach me photography lessons

Photography Lessons/Training Vouchers

I am now offering either small group lessons (max 3 people) and individual photography training lessons.

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Retouching Wedding Images, What I Do and Don't Do

Retouching of Wedding Images – What I Do and Don’t Do

Wedding Image Processing and Retouching. I’ve been asked, a few times now, about retouching wedding images. I’m often asked “Do you retouch all the images?”. Most of the time people just don’t know what retouching is so I decided to just put down a little list of what elements I consider ‘retouching’ and what is […]

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