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Brothers Dylan and Alex. Child Portrait in Winter Style

My Boys

I’m always blogging about Weddings. So here’s a Portrait to break up the posts a bit! Models supplied by My Wife and Me. Please get in touch for Portrait Information!

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Retouching Wedding Images, What I Do and Don't Do

Retouching of Wedding Images – What I Do and Don’t Do

Wedding Image Processing and Retouching. I’ve been asked, a few times now, about retouching wedding images. I’m often asked “Do you retouch all the images?”. Most of the time people just don’t know what retouching is so I decided to just put down a little list of what elements I consider ‘retouching’ and what is […]

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Beautiful Baby Portrait in Blankets

Cutie of the Day – Beautiful Portrait of a gorgeous baby girl

Definitely¬†wins cutie of the week! Babies just love lying down in the bean bags and wrapped up in blankets. I think it’s because they are snug and warm but also because the just get loads of attention from the people looking on. They almost always laugh their heads off as if it’s the funniest thing […]

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