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How to be the best bridesmaid ever

A photographers view on being the best bridesmaid I was going to say ‘Chief Bridesmaid’ but I think most of what I have to say here applies to all the bridesmaids. There are many lists of things a bridesmaid has to do before the wedding and on the day itself but I’ve never really seen […]

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How to choose a wedding photographer

I’ve had at least a dozen attempts at sitting down to write about what to look for in a wedding photographer. But each time it’s ended up being either too simple or too complicated. Luckily the talented Eric Savoie from Savo Photography wrote an excellent piece on which sums up it all perfectly. So I’m going to put my slant […]

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How Far Do I Travel? For a Wedding That Is.

“How far do you travel for a wedding?” I get asked this a lot. The answer isn’t that simple. Photographers no longer get all their business locally. With the internet and social media wedding couples are looking further afield to get their suppliers for their wedding. They find a photographer they like online and get […]

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