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Linda & Ciaran, Wineport Lodge and Replichrome?

This is blog post is a little different to my normal wedding features. It includes a review. I did a sneak peek of Linda and Ciaran’s wedding at the Wineport Lodge a little while ago. You can read it by clicking here. If you’ve not seen it already then its worth a look as I’ve […]

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Recent Wedding Album. Sarah and John Condon

Album Layout of Queensberry Album. Sarah and John Condon. The clients have ordered a large 15×15 leather album with photo on the front. 123 images are in the album. The wedding was shot at Tubbaclaire Church and then at the Wineport Lodge. It was November so the light was lovely, especially in the evening when […]

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Niall and Karen Wedding – Wineport Lodge Glasson

I always love to do wedding at the Wineport. Not only is it my ‘local’ but I always find that weddings there are always relaxed and good fun. Niall and Karen’s wedding was no exception. Everyone was getting ready in the Wineport so I was there around 2 hours before. Every thing was under control, […]

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