Linda & Ciaran, Wineport Lodge and Replichrome?


This is blog post is a little different to my normal wedding features. It includes a review.

I did a sneak peek of Linda and Ciaran’s wedding at the Wineport Lodge a little while ago. You can read it by clicking here. If you’ve not seen it already then its worth a look as I’ve not featured the same images again here.

So what’s the ‘review’ part and what is Replichrome? Well, it’s a set of processing presets, colour profiles and wizardry that emulates film in a digital world… and it does it very well. More about that below. You can skip to it by clicking here

For now, the wedding. The Wineport Lodge in Westmeath is a really special place. I’m local to the Wineport and I’ve been there many times, I’ve photographed it, I’ve photographed weddings there. I’ve eaten there and I’ve even spent my first wedding anniversary staying there! So I know it quite well. Apart from the amazing location, amazing view, amazing building and amazing food, the people there do an excellent job of making guests feel right at home. There is a wonderful calmness, sense of comfort and quality.

Perfect location for Linda and Ciaran’s wedding. It suited them perfectly. As well as being a fan of the Wineport I’m also a fan of VW Beetles. I’ve fond memories of summer holidays as a child, we didn’t have a car so when we went on hols we would rent a VW Beetle. So it was great to see one again at this wedding, as the wedding car. And it was a convertible too which is rare to see. Sadly they needed to use the roof as there was a little ‘shower’ leaving the church. Luckily it didn’t last long the roof was down before getting to Wineport.

Both the Bride and Groom were getting ready in the Wineport which meant I could get pictures of the ‘getting ready’ for both. Quite often it’s just the bride I get. I was also able to snap a few pictures at Grogans before well all headed for the church in Drumraney.

Now, a quick chat about the Priest. Fr Jerry. Probably the coolest priest around. Not only did he put on a Jamaican accent during his speech (!) and have the whole congregation dancing but he also talked about sex. Yes, a priest in the church talking about sex! In fact he managed to say the word about 8 times. He thought it most important that couples always “remember about the sex”! Mental!

A few pictures then I’ll chat about this ole ‘Replichrome’ thing…


Replichome Review

There are more wedding pictures below but first I need to talk about Replichrome from the wonderful people at Totally RAD.

I’m a fan of Totally RAD products. Namely RADLAB. You can read my review here. They produce a wonderful set of tools for photographers that allow a whole new world of creativity in processing. Their latest product is Replichrome for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. They have worked really hard to product a set of profiles and presets that emulate film.

Yes, digital is wonderful and I love it. But like a lot of photographers who overlap the new digital age and the film era I miss film. I miss the colours, the tones, the dynamic range and just the whole ‘look’. Many photographers still use film but it’s expensive and time consuming to work with these days. Most importantly film is disappearing off the shelves. They are being discontinued.

There are many film ‘simulation’ presets and photoshop actions around along with plugins and the like. What makes Replichrome different is that they’ve taken a very technical and scientific approach to their product. They’ve made colour profiles using actual film test shots. They’ve made calibrations using different source cameras (very important) and done lots and lots of tests. And then more tests. If you want to get some idea of what they did then look at this link to their ‘Behind the Science’ article.

What they’ve ended up with, I believe, is one of the best film emulation products ever. Every picture I’ve processed using these presets has just gotten better. All of a sudden I’m seeing things the way I really visualised them in my head. I’m being transported back in time to the days of using film. It’s quite amazing to see how incredibly accurate the renditions are in this new film world and I like it. I’ve processed the last two weddings using Replichrome including this one. Here’s a quick example. The first image is the standard Adobe settings, the second is Replichrome Portra 400 and the last is Replichrome Tri-X 400. The Adobe profile does a fine job but when you see the Portra you notice the blues are more natural, the contrast is higher but more natural and there is a more ‘sparkle’ in the eyes (highly technical description – not). As for the tri-x, well I can assure you this looks exactly how I remember tri-x performing (one of my fave films).

Replichrome Comparison

This was a very quick test. There have been no adjustments or edits to this image, I haven’t even cleaned up the marks on the background – it’s all straight from default settings in adobe and then replichrome.

This is a remarkable product. A big thanks goes out to TotallyRAD for making it. It wasn’t an easy job but well worth it. So if you use lightroom 4+ and/or ACR then click here and buy it – you won’t regret it.

Now back for some more pictures from the wedding. Processed with Replichrome of course.


Full preview gallery.:

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