National Portrait Weeek 2015


National Portrait Week 2015. Corin Bishop Photography event on the 11th of April Athlone Town Shopping Centre


National portrait week (formally Happy Faces) is running this year in support of LauraLynn Hospice. I’m delighted to be involved again and this year I’m running my event on the 11th of April in the Athlone Town Shopping Centre.

I’ve been involved with the event for a number of years so far raising €24,000 for various Irish charities. This year it’s in support of the fantastic LauraLynn Hospice.

LauraLynn provides care for children with life-limiting conditions and their families by providing home support, respite, crisis and end-of-life care.  Tragically, there are over 3,800 children living in Ireland with life limiting conditions and 350 of these children pass away each year, most within their first year of life.

Event Details and Important Information:

Keen eyed people will have seen some of the national campaign and noticed that it’s a week between the 28th and the 6th April. However due to other commitments I’ve been unable to organise my event during this period. So my apologies, the only day I can run this is the 11th of April!

  • When ? 11th April
  • Where? Athlone Town Shopping Centre
  • How Much? €25 Donation to LauraLynn for one portrait 7×5″ in a folder.
  • Who can be in the portrait? Anyone! young and old but see notes below!
  • When do I choose my portrait? We will make an appointment to view the images and you to choose.
  • Can I order more? Yes! You can order copies or larger versions or framed versions.



Please note that this is ONE SITTER, ONE PORTRAIT. It’s not an event for siblings, families or groups. So if you’ve three kids then it would be three donations, three individual portraits.

Young children. We always try to cater for babies, even newborns. But due to the time it takes to photograph babies please bear in mind that it might just not be possible in the time given. If you are having a baby photographed then please have the child lightly dressed so we can shoot them in bare shoulders. They will on a beanbag, covered with blankets. Any baby with lots of clothes, or outfits just won’t look good lying down on a beanbag.

Bookings – No need to book!. Due to the demand we run a first come, first served queing system. Mornings tend to be quite busy so be prepared to come at another time. I know this can be tricky!

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