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…In the Rain!

Photographing Darren and Dee’s Wedding

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but it’s been busy! So I’ve finally got a few minutes to spare to quickly write this up.

Being a wedding photographer is tricky. It is by no means an easy job. So many things to photograph, with very little time and no chance to redo anything. It’s a lot of pressure.

The pressure level for this wedding was a little higher than normal for a couple of reasons. Firstly the groom was a rather good and accomplished wedding photographer himself. One of this groomsmen was also a photographer. But the big one was it rained. All day. Did not stop for one second.

There were a few things that helped me get through it. Firstly the bride and groom were the nicest, most chilled out couple ever. They really couldn’t give a damn about the weather. They were happy any which way. Secondly the staff at Clonabreaney were such a great help. They ferried people around for family shots, they were out with brollies making sure everyone was dry. They even went to the Church to help out there!

Anyway, it all worked out. Family photos were done in the shelter of the stables (while I got wet!) and we made good use of the wonderful windows in the main house.

It was an honour and pleasure to photograph Darren and Dee’s wedding. I’m very proud of the pictures. Darren wrote a lovely peice about his wedding which you can read here (as well as see his other wedding photography). Here are a few faves and then more in the slideshow at the end.



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