Shannon Princess Luxury Boutique Hotel Barge Ireland


The Shannon Princess passing St. Peters Athlone

The Shannon Princess has just launched their new website

At the very end of the last season I was asked to shoot some updated photography of the Shannon Princess, a luxury floating boutique hotel. We were very lucky with the weather as the next day was really bad and hasn’t improved since!

Shannon Princes Website

The Shannon Princess is owned and operated by husband and wife team Ruairi Gibbons & Olivia Power. They have extensive experience from the world of restaurants, hotels, yachting and have brought it all together to create a wonderful luxury river experience.

As someone who lives and works in Athlone, I’ve seen the Shannon Princess many many times as it passes through and moors here. I’ve heard many nice things about the boat, the owners and staff but by far the biggest thing I’ve heard about is the food. Everyone knows that the food is fantastic. When I visited them for the photography I was blown away the quality of the food being served to the guests (from a tiny little galley). Even to see the reactions and smiles on the guests faces when it was being brought out was quite amazing. All the guests made a point of talking to me about the food! I was starving when I finished the job but my ham sandwich just didn’t quite do it for me 🙁

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I took.

Sitting Down to Dinner on the Shannon PrincessChocolate Cake PhotographyPeople on the Shannon PrincessPeople on the Shannon PrincessFood Photography on the Shannon PrincessFab Pie on the Shannon PrincessThe amazing food on the Shannon PrincessShannon Princess Luxury BargeThe Shannon Princess on the river ShannonThe Shannon Princess passing St. Peters Athlone

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