Simon Casey releases a new single, we shoot the pictures


Promotional shots for Simon Casey…

I first met Simon when I photographed his wedding. I was out of the country while Simon took part in the Eurovision 2003 selection process on RTE so I didn’t know he was on that show. In fact it wasn’t until the end of the wedding when a little girl came up and asked for Simon’s autograph/photo that I thought he might be well known… I rang my wife who gave me a quick run down on him!

Simon is one of the nicest people on the planet. Really down to earth, fab voice and great natural musical talent. I often meet him on at weddings where he’s singing. It always surprises me when he uses a microphone in the church, his voice has such a presence and depth that he doesn’t really need it! Always a pleasure to hear him sing.

Anyway, Simon is releasing a new single. ‘Feels Like Home’. He needed a cover shot for along with a few images for use in PR/Posters etc. So he gave me a call and we booked him in.

We tried a few different things and came up with a nice selection of images. Including the most important, the CD cover image. The images themselves were relatively simply shot but we did a bit of creative stuff afterwards.

Simon’s website is

Simon’s latest single ‘Feels Like Home’ can be downloaded from iTunes here.

Simon’s Facebook page is here



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