Breege and Bob Blindfold Wedding


Blindfolds, Wineport Lodge and a Vintage Look.

This was a civil wedding, held at the fabulous Wineport Lodge. Myself and the wife were actually involved a bit of the preparation even helping to make the invites! Another wedding client of mine (Toni) lent her bouquet (don’t worry, it wasn’t real flowers). All the ideas and twiddly bits (technical term) were begged, borrowed and stolen (well, not stolen – I think). 


Probably the most unusual thing was the ‘first look’. This trend that’s making it’s way from America is a lovely way for the couple to share the start of their wedding day in a personal and intimate way. After much chatting and going through ideas we came up with blindfolds!  Once Breege was ready, we blindfolded them, brought them opposite each other and they took the blindfolds off at the same time! So below is some of the sequence.



Here are a few more of my fave shots before a gallery…



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