Eanná and Hazel – Wedding at the Wineport


Balinahown Church, The Wineport Lodge and a Boat in Between

It had been a busy weekend. A wedding on Thursday (at the Wineport), one on Friday at the Hodson Bay and then this one, back at the Wineport. It’s rare that I would do three weddings back to back. Two, yes. Three, rare. But the first wedding on Thursday was for a friend so I kinda had to do it! You can see wedding hereWhereas Thursdays Wineport Wedding was all self-contained. This wedding was a little more traditional involving a Church and Priest. The Church was the fabulous Balinahown Church which is around 20 minutes from the Wineport/Athlone.This wedding was a bit of a first for me. I was doing video as well as photographs! “What? Video?” I hear you ask? Well before all the video companies start giving out to me for taking their business… I’ll explain…. Hazel had asked if I would stay on and ‘record’ the speeches. At first I didn’t quite know what she wanted but eventually I figured out she wanted me to literally ‘record’ the speeches. The sound, the audio. She just wanted to be able to remember what was said.So I said yes. I’ve a background in audio/music so it would be no problem but I thought some more and said, “sure I’ll video it too – if it works out then great, if not then you’ll just have the audio”. So I stayed on.. and the video thing worked… and I stayed on till the first dance too.. great craic!Here are some faves
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