Law Society Dublin, First ‘Feel’ and Feckin Rain


You’ve heard of the ‘First Look’ I’m sure, but this was just version was just a ‘feel’

The ceremony was being held at the Law Society Dublin, Blackhall Place. I’d heard about it and it’s in the Top 100 Wedding Venues on I can see why. It’s a fantastic building and inside it’s airy and full of light. Even on this very dark rainy day there was no shortage of light inside. Unfortunately this rain meant we weren’t able to make use of the outside of the building. First Look/Touch. I’m a fan of the ‘First Look’ at weddings where the Bride and Groom get to see each other for the first time BEFORE the wedding. This way they get to share a special moment together in really personal and memorable way. In this case Shona and Paul did a variation of this and did a ‘First Touch’. They both stayed either side of a door corner where they could only talk to each other and hold hands. They couldn’t see each other at all. It was lovely…. A big thanks to Shona and Paul for being so darn chilled out, easy going peeps.
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