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Claddagh Salthill Hotel Wedding by Westmeath Photographer Corin Bishop

Wedding at the Claddagh Galway – Mind that Seagull

Stories from Galway – Aisling and Eric’s Claddagh Wedding I’ve been trying hard to write something about this wedding. But it’s late and I just can’t un-scramble my brain so I’ve decided just to write, in no particular order, things I remember about this wedding… So here goes. I’ve been past the famous Claddagh Church […]

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Galway Oyster Festival Wedding Damian and Moira

…and I didn’t need a car! Often a big part of a photographers day is planning. There are lots of things to think about not least of which is when and where. This also involves planning transport and working out the timing. Luckily for this wedding there was one less thing to worry about and […]

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Louise and Rob McKune’s Wedding – Spidal and The Twelve Hotel Barna

Louise Moriarty and Rob McKune get hitched in Spidal Church, Co. Galway The weather the week leading up to this wedding had been pretty yuk. I continually looking at the forecast hoping it would turn out ok. On the morning of the wedding the forecast was for rain! You have a look at the pictures […]

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