Booking Fee, Deposit Policy

Booking Fee? Deposit? Hold the date? What if I cancel?

I require a booking fee of €400 to confirm a wedding and hold that date.

A wedding date is not secure until the booking fee is paid and I will continue to answer any inquiries for that date. I don’t hold any dates in the diary or ‘pencil’ anything in. This is very important as all photographers (in fact all suppliers), at some time or other, have been caught out by promises which didn’t come to fruition. 

Why is the booking fee non-refundable? The deposit fee is a commitment by both parties to have me as photographer for your wedding. Once it’s paid, it means anyone else who inquires about the date is turned away. The date is exclusively yours! However, if the client cancels, I cannot guarantee filling that date with another wedding, which of course is a big loss of income for me.

So what if I cancel? If you cancel within the regulatory 7 day ‘cooling off’ period, then you are entitled to a refund – this is EU Law. After that time then it’s non-refundable. I may not be able to fill the date, which is a big loss. 

What if you get another client for the date I cancelled? Do I get the booking fee back? I’m afraid not. Even if the wedding is quite a way off I still will have to spend a lot of time, effort and money from that booking fee, trying to get the wedding date filled. I’ve already spent a lot of my time in meeting the couple and administrating the booking. I’ve paid TAX, VAT and transaction fee’s on the money received and while I can get some of that back, there is a big chunk I won’t be able to recover.

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