Retouching Policy

Wedding Image Processing and Retouching.

I’ve been asked, a few times now, about retouching wedding images. I’m often asked “Do you retouch all the images?”. Most of the time people just don’t know what retouching is so I decided to just put down a little list of what elements I consider ‘retouching’ and what is considered normal. 99% of what I do is not retouched (according to my definition anyway). Most of what you see here on Facebook and on my website/blog is not retouched. My point is that 99% of the images don’t need retouching.

The look of my images is very much part of my photography. I edit my images according to how I shot them and how I envisage them looking at the end. This includes the choice of Colour or Black/White, cropping and styling.

What I do as standard to my pictures:

  • Adjust exposure, brightness/contrast/tone.
  • Crop the image as appropriate.
  • Apply any ‘style’ processing that enhances the image’s look (this is where my vision of the image gets finalised).
  • Process to Black & White as suits the image.

What I DON’T do as standard to my pictures (i.e. retouching):

  • Skin smoothing
  • Removing spots/wrinkles/lines on the face etc.
  • Image manipulation (e.g. adjusting the shape of people or removing objects/people from the background).

If a client orders an album then each image is re-assessed before printing and if extra retouching is needed then it’s done. It may be done on other images at the request of the client. However, as retouching can take anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes PER IMAGE and involves a lot of skill and practice then it does incur an extra charge. 

As I mentioned above most of what you see on my blog and website is not retouched.

If you’ve any questions then I’d be happy to answer them if I can

Get Totally Rad RABLAB Demo Review Image No2 Before

Example of Before Image

Get Totally Rad RABLAB Demo Review Image No2 After Image

After Image


You can read more about my workflow here in “When Do I Receive My Wedding Pictures

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