Assistant Photographer Left Holding the Baby


…and fitting bow ties on the two boys…

A friend and upcoming photographer, Gerry, was getting some experience with me at this wedding. It’s really the best way to gain experience photographing weddings and Gerry is great to work with. For this wedding we had a little more than the ‘normal’ wedding photography work to do. It was a very busy house that morning. Then the young ones arrived! Two ‘energetic’ boys and a little baby. Their mum was a bridesmaid so things were getting a bit tricky between her getting ready and getting the kids ready. At one point there was a little bit of worry over getting the two boys to wear their bow ties. So I stepped in to help. I’ve two boys myself and I’ve a LOT of experience working with young children so it was worth a try. Sure enough I had them convinced to wear them and thought that was it. I turn around to see what Gerry was literally left holding the baby. The baby seemed happy!
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