Dessie Dolan Kelly McInteer Wedding

Kelly McAteer and Dessie Dolan Wedding


Kelly and Dessie Dolan get hitched at Castledaly Church then head back to the Hodson Bay Hotel (via Clonmacnoise).

This was my third Dolan family wedding…. first Gary then Susan and now Dessie…

The pressure was on…. why? Because I’m always conscious of not repeating myself too much. I like to do something different for each wedding. Do something that suits the Bride and Groom, not just do the same ole thang. I didn’t want to do what I did for Gary or Susan’s wedding.

Luckily both Kelly and Dessie had lots of ideas. They wanted to stop out at Clonmacnoise to get pictures. They even went out themselves before hand, took pictures and brought in a laptop when they met me!!! It helped of course, it’s great when you get some ideas from clients it means you can take them down a direction you know is going to suit them.

It was a big wedding so I had some help from a friend, Laura Leonard, it meant I could cover a little more of the day including getting pictures of the lads getting ready (which I rarely get). We could get a few shot’s from multiple angles which worked well in the end product.

Lastly a quick note about the Makeup… I was impressed with the make-up done for Kelly. Jessamy O’Dwyer did an excellent job. She can be reached at

All in all, a great day…

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