Sinead and Daniel’s Wedding on a very hot day!


The best thing the couple did on their wedding day was to get an ice-cream van for everyone outside the church!

The summer in Ireland this year, 2013, was hot. Very hot. This wedding was on one of the hottest days in this hot summer. Normally for weddings I do a good Johnny Cash impression, wearing all black. There’s no way I could have worn that on this day and not been hospitalised (because of the heat, not because of anti-Johnny Cash protestors). For the first time in 10 years photographing weddings I didn’t wear black – beige linen trousers and light blue linen shirts. I stopped short of sandals though and wore shoes.…. er I think I’ve gone off topic… I don’t think you want to know about what I wore?…. back to the wedding…. So, like I was saying. It was hot. Luckily the Bride and Groom had the absolutely brilliant idea of getting an Ice Cream Van for the guests outside the church! I think everyone had at least two ice creams each (including me and the videographer Keith Malone). So thanks Sinead and Daniel – nice one!So, photos… The first picture here is compilation of shots of Sinead’s Dad. From the very start of the day at the house he was always giving the camera this great stare. Very photogenic man and I just love the progression of looks through the day.It’s really quite tricky shooting on a very bright day. Lots of problems and technical issues to be aware of. But it also makes for some cool shots when shooting into the sun. One of my fave shots was when the bride and groom were walking along to the main building, into the light and did a little kiss as they went along. The light is just fab.It was my first time at the Moyvalley Hotel and Golf Resort and I was really impressed. Lovely old house, lovely gardens and lots of places for photographs. Best of all, the main building and function room were air conditioned! The relief I felt when entering the building was amazing. I got to chill… literally. This was also one of those weddings where I was hired to stay late to capture speeches and the first dance so I got to capture a great bit of fun later on.Enjoy some of the pictures..
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