A Bridal Room Fit for a Queen (there’s an old Telephone Box)


Kelly and Shaun have some wedding cuddles in a telephone box 😉

When myself and the wedding videographer (in this case Gaffey Productions) turn up to a brides house we never really know what to expect. We need to get shots of the shoes, dress, flowers and so on. It’s usually organised chaos at the house and we would have to work to hang up the dress somewhere nice, find somewhere for a shot of shoes and flowers. But we couldn’t believe our luck when we both looked into the brides room. It literally looked like a posh boutique hotel somewhere. In fact when I showed another photographer a quick picture of the room he asked what venue it was! The dress was hanging up, the shoes were set, ‘Love’ signs around, nice lights…. The works! There’s was nothing for us to do but start shooting! Her Mum had even put out old pictures of Kelly, her first shoes and even the wristband from when she was a baby!

It was also fantastic to see my portrait of Kelly up on the wall. I’d photographed the family a few years ago. You’ll spot the image down below.

You’re probably wondering about the Telephone box? Well, Kellys dad has one in his front garden! Perfectly preserved!

When I got there the hair was already done by Custom Cuts in Athlone – FB Page Here or www.customcuts.ie and the excellent Sorcha O’Dowd was putting the final touches to the make-up.

The Dress was a Suzanne Neville from Kadee Bride and Boutique

Bridesmaids Dresses from Amarra Bridal in Naas and the suits were from EJ Menswear in Sligo

The super flashy shoes from Brown Thomas

The massive Mr and Mrs signs were from Chic Events and the cars from Blue Ribbon

Last, but not least, the super flowers were from another local talent, Lorna at A Room In Bloom

I’ve a lot of favourite shots in here but I do love the picture of Kellys dad practicing his wedding speech in the garage was cool. You can just see the bottom half and the notes. In case you’re wondering why there is a picture of Deer in a field that’s because Kellys dad rears them!

Enjoy folks!

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