Amie and David Dodging Showers at Hodson Bay


It was a Sunny Day… Honest

This was one of those weddings where I didn’t get to meet the couple until the day of the wedding. A lot of people from Ireland live and work abroad these days. They come home to get married. So it’s not always possible to meet the couple beforehand. In fact I met Amie’s parents first. I had both her Mum and Dad trying to book me for the wedding. Luckily I figured out they were both talking about the same wedding otherwise it could have got confusing. A quick phone call the day before to go through the day plan was all I had to go on. But it all worked out. It was a really sunny day but just when we were in the middle of getting shots down in Barrymore (next to Hodson Bay) there was this downpour out of nowhere! I got a great shot of the bridal party making a run for it! There were a few messers at this wedding, the biggest being the groom and groomsmen. You’ll get the idea once you see the first pictures.
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