Ballybay and the Sheraton Athlone – Aine and Daniel


…and a visit to the Left Bank Bistro too…

I do portraits too! Always nice to see portraits I’ve taken on the walls but I rarely get to see them in place.  So it was great to see the family portraits I’d taken on the wall that morning!We had decided to use a few places in Athlone for photographs but there were a couple of surprises on the list. Firstly when I arrived at the Church the priest was keen to show me the door in the parochial house door! I could see why. It was lovely and would make a great silhouette shot, the kind I sometimes do in the church door – although this Church didn’t have a suitable one. The second surprise was a stop off at the Brides previous workplace, the Left Bank Bistro. I been there many times to eat and I know Mary and Annie, the owners, well. It was a really nice place to stop off and really nice light from the huge windows. Had a good coffee there in-between photographs too!The hotel was the Sheraton Athlone
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