Belleek Castle Ballina


Belleek Castle in Glorious Sunshine

The previous time I was at Belleek Castle Ballina  was to help out another photographer… and it was foggy. So foggy in fact that I couldn’t see the castle, the drive in or the grounds. It was super duper heavy. So this time I was hoping to see more, literally.  Belleek is a fantastic location with incredible charm, character and quirkiness. The building, the grounds and surrounds are fantastic – even in Winter.  Luckily for everyone the weather was just amazing. As you’ll see from the shots, gorgeous light.  The preparation for the Bride and the Groom was all in Belleek which meant I could cover a bit of both in the build up. Everyone was well prepared, knew what to do and was therefore very relaxed. Having little to worry about really does make the day so smooth and it so enjoyable. I’ve written in the past about ‘How to be the best bridesmaid ever‘ and at this wedding I think I found the winner of the title of ‘Best Bridesmaid Ever’! All the Bridesmaids were top notch at this wedding but Louise has to take the title. At every moment she was there to fix the hair, fix the dress, help the photographer out, gather family etc. etc. I actually have so many pictures of her helping out that I’m seriously thinking of doing a blog post just about ‘Being the Best Bridesmaid Ever’! The Brides’s Dad had arranged a special surprise, a horse and carriage, to bring the couple in from the arch, through the woods and up to the castle. It was really special. See more here: Flowers were by Marie Brogan  Make up by Charlene Flanagan Makeup and not forgetting Belleek Castle
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