Brian and Katy’s Wedding at Renvyle Connemara


If you’re going to Renvyle watch out for Sheep and bring travel sick pills.

It’s a long road to Renvyle, Connemara. Killer sheep lurk in the shadows waiting to jump out at you as you drive along and admire the incredible scenery. The roads are so bumpy and wiggly-windy (made up word) that you will probably need travel sick pills to get you through it. But it’s worth it. It’s a part of the country like no other. Beautiful. I dodged the sheep. Didn’t puke. Made it there the night before so I could be there for the start of the wedding the next day. Fave photographs? Quite a few, but best is the one of the groom sticking his head out of his bedroom window to talk to someone outside, still with shaving foam on his face! See if you can spot it! The rest was just pure fun….
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