Bride Gets Ready in the Church. In the Sacristy. Wha?


You read the headline right. This was a wedding where the Bride got ready (i.e. putting on the wedding dress) in the sacristy at the Church!

So, not the ‘norm’. That’s for sure. Well Anna was from the USA. They didn’t have a ‘home’ near-by. The venue (the fantastic Ballymagarvey Village) wasn’t near any of the Groom’s family, so why not?

This wasn’t the only ‘un-traditional’ (from an Irish perspective) thing in the wedding. They wanted to do a ‘Reveal’ before the ceremony. This is basically where the Bride and Groom get to see each other for the first time in private. It’s very popular in the US and is often recreated afterwards but in this case they wanted to do it first. I brought David round the side of the Church and Anna was brought in with David facing away. After a quick shot of David I move back to see his reaction as he see’s Anna for the first time in the dress.

Now. I’m a fan of things being a bit different and I really like the ‘reveal’ thing. Only when it’s done for real and not faked afterwards. It’s a really intimate and personal thing to do and they will remember it for ever.

Enjoy my faves…

full set of faves:

Lastly… wondering how I did the lovely vintage look for the photographs? Well, I used RADLAB from Totally Rad Inc. Totally fab photographer tools of for editing images.

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