Denise and Kieron Kinnitty Smoke and Woods


What a summer we had in 2018! A July wedding in Kinnitty was always going to be good. Kinnitty Castle has so much going for it, inside and out.  Kieron and Denise chose their wedding venue well! It suited them and their guests perfectly. 

It was a wonderful, warm summer and it continued into late July, despite a bit of rain the week before. 

Such a pleasure to photograph such relaxed and happy people!

Denise’s Dad was obviously proud of his stack of turf, so I had to get a pic of him all dressed up in his tux with his stash. The contrast between the smart suit and mucky Peat bricks fantastic.

The small stars of the day were the ‘Ring Security’. I’m not sure I’d hire them professionally to protect anything, but they work really well as entertainment.

After the ceremony is was off to Kinnitty Castle for…. Ice Cream…

After we were all refreshed, it was time to get the family shots done and take a trip into the woods for some more fun stuff…

The Bride and Groom just happened to have a few smoke bombs… so we had a play with those… 

One of the moments I love during a wedding is just before they call for the meal…

It’s one of those times where all the key bits are over, there’s time to relax and breath. But there sometimes a little opportunity to get a few images extra. Bonuses…

Wrapping Up..

What a wonderful day… Great people, great weather, great location. 

Denis and Kieron said a few nice things…. so I’ll leave it to them to finish up.

“Corin is by fair the most incredible photographer we could have ever wished for.  

On choosing a photographer, we both wanted relaxed candid photos rather then stiff posed images. Corin seems like the man for the job. I had also head great things about him and was keen to get him onboard! In the run up to the wedding and on the day he was fantastic, he was so patient, informative, cool, calm and collected. 

On the big day, I hardly noticed he was there, but he was capturing every moment. I had asked if we could let off some colour bombs in the woods and he was completely onboard with having some fun. I could never have imagined how beautiful they would turn out!

When we got the images I was bowled over! I could not be happier with his style of photography and his talent!

The pictures in the wood are magnificent, everyone says ‘WOW’ when they see them. They are absolutely stunning. I feel very lucky to have these amazing images and will be forever grateful to Corin for his hard work.

Thanks Corin – you’re a superstar! X”

Suppliers and Info...

Aidan at Kinnitty Castle

Decon Willie Gacquin

Andra Duffy from the front room, Ballinasloe and hair by Ailish Cloughan from Ailish’s Salon, Ballinasloe

Dooleys of Athlone

Ray Yore

The Firm

Retro booth

Ronald Joyce at Bridal Caprice, Hammersmith, London

Moss Brothers

Ted baker

Mary Keogh
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