Eimear and Damien – 1950’s Vintage Dress and a nice Cup-o-Tea


Lots of Tea, Vintage Dresses and even an old bike – Perfect for a Wedding

Lots of little goodies at this wedding. Vintage style wedding dress, perfect for swishing! 8mm film. Bike. Tea on the bridge. Lots and lots of fun and happiness thrown in too!

I’m sure there will be a lot interest in the dress so here are some details for ya (the bits I know!)

Wedding Dress: 1950’s Sarah Dress by House of Mooshki and Mimi. From Vintage Pearl Bridal – Galway  www.vintagepearlbridal.ie

Shoes by rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk also from Vintage Pearl Bridal

Location: Mountbellew Church and Hodson Bay Hotel.

Flowers: A Room in Bloom aroominbloom.ie

Hair by Helga at itsfabulous.net

Makeup by Pauline Fletcher – www.paulinefletcher.com

Enjoy the pics folks! My favourite is at the top. Cheeky shot!


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