From the Proposal to the Wedding Day


From a surprise proposal at the Wineport Lodge to a fab vintage wedding at Hilton Park

I’ll warn you. This is a long post. I’ve been trying to find a way to shorten it down but there are far too many photographs I like. Sorry.

The Proposal

I was contacted by John via my Facebook page. He was requesting my services at the Wineport Lodge in Westmeath (fab location). He was a little vague but after a quick call and chat he explained he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Carley, and wanted to record the event. No-one else knew. He was planning to bring her for a weekend away and while he had Carley booked in for some Spa treatments, he was going to decorate the gazebos then bring her out to pop the question. He wanted me there to record the event. I hid out of sight for as long as could!Everything went to schedule. It worked perfectly. She was surprised and happily said yes!Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0001 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0002 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0003 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0004 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0005 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0006 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0007 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0008 Proposal_Surprise_at_Wineport_lodge-0009Of course I was then hoping to get the job for the next step… The wedding. After a bit of waiting and sending information etc. I finally got the good news… and I said yes.

The Wedding

Now, Carley is an event planner. A good one too. So the bar was to be set high for this wedding. Carley and John found a great venue in Hilton Park – a venue not really used to weddings although they are moving into the wedding scene. It’s a fantastic place with wonderful buildings and grounds. Best of all it was a blank canvas for Carley and John to work on.What they did with the place was fantastic. Everything was beautiful and stylish. There was attention paid to every detail and a wonderful wedding venue was created. They were blessed with the most amazing weather and the craic was mighty.Her dress was made for her as were the bridesmaids dresses. Best of all was the top class ‘fake laugh’ Carley and her friends perfected. Hilarious!Enough waffle. Enjoy the photographs. Again, my apologies for the quantity.
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