Glasson Country House Hotel Wedding(s).


Eh? I haven’t posted a Glasson Country House Hotel wedding before? I’ll fix that here.

I’ve had a few enquires recently for the Glasson Country House Hotel and someone pointed out that there weren’t any Glasson Country House Hotel blog posts. So I checked and they were right! I can’t believe I hadn’t posted any weddings from Glasson Country House Hotel! Anyway, there is a reason and it’s to do with privacy. Believe it or not, not everyone want’s their wedding posted on Facebook/blog/twitter etc. While the images are officially mine there is no-way I’m going to blog something that the client doesn’t want posted.

So what I’ve done here is do a quick blog about Glasson Country House Hotel and feature a selection of images from one wedding plus a few more from weddings that I’ve got permission from.

Glasson Country House Hotel is a recent newcomer to the wedding venue scene. It’s always been just a golf club. They have incredible views out over Lough Ree/Killinure but they never had the facilities to cater for weddings. However they recently upgraded and renovated and turned the Glasson Country House Hotel into one fantastic location for wedding!

Since then they’ve not looked back and this year alone they did over 90 weddings! The staff are very relaxed, friendly and accommodating.  The location is just stunning and the views are fab. I’ve been lucky to be their official photographer this year and I’ve been able to take some wonderful scenic images too.

weddings at glasson golf club, view over the lake

Glasson Golf Club Wedding, Groomsmen walkingGlasson Golf Club - Where to go when it's rainingGlasson Golf Club Weddings Glasson Golf Club Weddings More Groomsmen, more walking

Here’s a mixture of Annette’s wedding and a few more besides.

Here’s a mixture of Wedding Venue images from Glasson Golf Club

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