Carole and Paddy – Gloster House

Wonderful Outdoor Wedding

I like firsts. This was a first. It was the first time Gloster House ( had been able to host an outdoor wedding on their fabulous grounds. Previous attempts came near, but failed. Now, their ‘backup plan’ in case of rain is actually a fully blown chapel (freshly white washed) which is amazing, so it’s no bother if rain gets in the way. But today we dodged the rain.  I arrived early enough, right in the middle of what looked like a flower arranging class. Actually it wasn’t far off. Carole’s mum was doing the flowers and everyone was getting stuck in to help. The only downside was that the wasps loved hanging around and ended up stinging the bride on the foot! Thank goodness she didn’t have a reaction! Gloster house is one of those venues that is simply amazing. You can stand in any part of it, inside or out, and turn around 360 degrees. Wherever you look you could see a photo opportunity. I’ve been there twice now and each time I only scratched the surface of the place. I love it. Couples love it too which is the most important bit.  Anyway… I had a blast. Wonderful couple, wonderful guests. The best hog-roast I’ve ever had (I’ve had a few!) and an all round great day. Enjoy the pics! A quick word too about the videographer. Niall from was brilliant to work with and you can see his video clip from the day on his website or at the bottom of this post. 
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