Grainne and David at Enniscrone and Kilronan Castle


Wow, Enniscrone has some beach!

It was my first time to visit Enniscrone beach and it was impressive. A huge expanse of sand combined with sunshine and a great bunch of people made for some wonderful pictures. There was something quite unique about the light bouncing around. Luckily the tide was out so it was easy to access.

The reception was at the fantastic Kilronan Castle (one of my favourite venues in Ireland) and the good light continued right into the evening making for some lovely ‘shoot-into-the-sun’ family shots.

Another bonus on the day for me was working with Niall from Complete Wedding Films. Niall is a pleasure to work with and we bounce off each others ideas which makes for a smooth day for both of us. You can see some of his work at this wedding below:

Video by Complete Wedding Films:

Wedding Photography by me, Corin Bishop


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