Jane & Enda’s Wedding


Jane and Enda’s Wedding, 27th March 2010, The Heritage – Killenard

Enda & Jane The Couch!

Forgive me followers for I have not posted a wedding in ages!

Anyway… time to update…..

I had the great pleasure to photograph Jane and Enda on the 27th of March. I had already done their engagement shoot so I knew them a little before the big day itself. However….

I didn’t realise how much the Carragher family were into their photography…! Every bit of wall space in their house was taken up with family photographs. These were people who were clearly into photo’s and mad about their kids!

Of all the photographs, taking pride of place on the kitchen table, was a picture from their engagement shoot that I had taken. I felt very proud!

All during the day the couple knew exactly what needed to be done for photographs. Jane told me recently that she had wanted to get a picture on the Chez Long as she had a seen a nice wedding photograph that used one. However the Chez Long was in need to some TLC so Jane’s mum was told she had 7 months to get it fixed up!

Anway, I had a lovely day and Enda & Jane were a pleasure to work with.

Enjoy the photographs…..

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