Louise and Rob McKune’s Wedding – Spidal and The Twelve Hotel Barna


Louise Moriarty and Rob McKune get hitched in Spidal Church, Co. Galway

That tickles!

The weather the week leading up to this wedding had been pretty yuk. I continually looking at the forecast hoping it would turn out ok. On the morning of the wedding the forecast was for rain! You have a look at the pictures and see if you can see any rain….

Not a drop of rain went anywhere near this wedding. Quite the contrary, it was roasting. I didn’t bother bringing sun factor with me and got sunburn! I also started questioning my wedding ‘uniform’ ..which is black!.. phew it was hot.

Top Hat

Anyway, it was a great day. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and the Groom, Rob, was a great laugh. I have a photo of his family outside the church before the wedding and I took it before they were ready. Nothing but messers! Rob’s parents were just as much fun so I can see where Rob got his sense of humour!

More laughs

One the subject of parents… Louise’s dad freaked me out a little… When we met he said, with smile,  “I know who you are”. “You and your wife used to travel back from Holland, where you living”. “You would visit your sister-in-law at the cottage and go drinking in the Mill pub”…

Eh? We were lived in Holland almost 10 years ago. The ‘cottage’ was in the middle of the countryside next to a field of sheep. Maybe the sheep had told him?… no, it turned out he lived across from my sister-in-law, he knew my wife’s family and also had a good memory! Small world…..

Jimmy Choo Shoes!

I’m rambling on now…

We had a great time afterwards. Quick visit to the harbour in Spidal then on to the beech.


Louise wanted to do the ‘walking in a line’ shot so we did, then we did the same thing again but walking like robots. Bit of jumping and messing around then we were back to the Twelve Hotel in Barna.

Ok... everyone walk like robots!1,2,3... Jump!

The Twelve is a ‘chiq/boutique’ hotel in Barna (correct name Bearna – just depends who’s writing the article or which road sign you look at!). It’s relatively new and very snazz. I’ve actually stayed there and the rooms, food and service are first class.

Weddings there are usually intimate affairs as they don’t have huge capacity (but you’d be surprised how many they can accommodate). Anyway… I like it…

Many Thanks to Louise and Rob…

Happy Couple


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