Mad Middleton Park House Wedding


Well, Middleton Park wasn’t mad but the Bride was.

This was no ordinary wedding. I don’t think ‘ordinary’ would have suited Ruth. She was going to enjoy her wedding, every single bit. From the moment I got there it was non-stop fun. She almost ran down the aisle. She danced her way out of the church. Actually she danced pretty much all day. I must have been asked a hundred times, “Sorry! You must think we’re all mad”. Well, yes. But in the best way possible. Perhaps because my style of photography is a little different that I seem to attract slightly bonkers clients. I’m not complaining! I had a great day surrounded by lovely and mad people. The location, Middleton Park House, is one of my favourites. I’ve done a fair few weddings there and each one has been unique. The staff there really look after the guests, they are welcoming and make everyone feel so relaxed and at home. I look forward to going there every time. At this wedding we stopped off at Kilbeggan Distillery. I’d been there once before and while it’s easy to fall into getting the same shots, this couple made it their own and we got something a little different this time. The Bride’s reaction to the whiskey was very funny – she’s not really a whiskey drinker! Enjoy the pics folks..
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