Niall and Karen Wedding – Wineport Lodge Glasson


I always love to do wedding at the Wineport. Not only is it my ‘local’ but I always find that weddings there are always relaxed and good fun.

Niall and Karen’s wedding was no exception. Everyone was getting ready in the Wineport so I was there around 2 hours before. Every thing was under control, no panics, no mad rush. I got my initial details shots done really quickly and even had time to pop out to see the groomsmen leave the Wineport before going to the the pub.

The local Church, Drumraney, was the host for the ceremony and was done out really well with lots of little candles all over the altar area.

The party then headed back to the Wineport where everyone got out of the breeze and enjoyed the wonderful Wineport hospitality.

The bride and groom braved the cool breeze and went out on the jetty. We got a few more shots in and around the grounds. Again, very relaxed couple!

A few more shots of the guests and family and it was done.

Fab day..

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