Wedding at the Claddagh Galway – Mind that Seagull


Claddagh Salthill Hotel Wedding by Westmeath Photographer Corin Bishop

Stories from Galway – Aisling and Eric’s Claddagh Wedding

I’ve been trying hard to write something about this wedding. But it’s late and I just can’t un-scramble my brain so I’ve decided just to write, in no particular order, things I remember about this wedding… So here goes. I’ve been past the famous Claddagh Church hundreds of times but this was my first wedding there. Lovely church. Parking a nightmare. The Groom’s mum told me about seeing a Seagull above the Church door at the rehearsal and he almost pooped on her. When the Bride arrived there was the Seagull directly above the door of the Church, arse hanging over the edge, in perfect position to poop on the Bride! I made sure to pose the Bride just out of range just in case! I’ve never taken so many photographs of a Bride laughing. Seriously, see for your self… One happy bride. But to be fair, they’re all like that in Galway. Must be the sea air! While walking up the Quay Street, Aisling bumped into her makeup artist from that morning! Small world! The banter from locals while shoot pictures outside Neachtain’s Pub is always mighty. That day was no exception. Had to get a shot of some locals. The invites were really cool. The Park between the Salthill Hotel and Galway Bay hotel has been newly done up and is fab for pictures!
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